No Hidden Costs

Ordering an essay from us means there are NO hidden costs. Unlike many sites, we dont charge extra for things like:

All essays come with Arial 12pt font, double-spaced in a Word document. You are of course welcome to ask for a different format at no extra cost.

Your essay will come fully referenced. You can choose the referencing style you want, eg Harvard, Chicago or another. Referencing can be footnotes, endnotes or in-text. You can have a bibliography or a reference list at the end, not extra cost.

If your custom essay or custom dissertation needs images and graphs, your writer will source them on your behalf at no extra cost.

If our writer uses a source that you cant locate, well be glad to help out. Our mission is to make sure that you can use our custom essays and custom dissertations as research tools.

Some sites charge you for changes to your custom essay. Not us. We include a free change package with every essay, giving you unlimited change requests. Many sites charge around £50 for such a feature and still arent as flexible as us.